Newman Therapy Manhattan

Stephanie Newman, Ph.D. - Therapy & Analysis - Manhattan, New York City

Dr. Stephanie Newman has been a New York State licensed clinical psychologist/psychoanalyst/therapist since 1998, providing insight-oriented talk therapy and analysis for those with anxiety, depression, relationship, health, and workplace difficulties.

Dr. Newman frequently consults with families on issues relating to parenting and divorce, and lectures at schools, camps, and professional societies.

Dr. Newman is the author of Mad Men on the Couch (St. Martin's-Thomas Dunne), a book about the popular TV show, and is a co-editor of and a contributor to Money Talks (Routledge), a collection of papers about the incursion of finances into the practice of psychotherapy.

Dr. Newman is also a regular contributor to the on-line edition of Psychology Today, for which she writes articles on therapy and practice, among other things.

Please feel free to contact Dr. Newman with questions about her therapy and analytic practice in Manhattan.